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Sumitomo HSM Shaft Mounted Reducer


Interchange Guide (not a drop-in replacement, Sumitomo Tapergrip bushing and HSM motor mount required, check driven shaft length requirements). Complete packages in stock ready to replace competitors drives.


107C14 Replaces TXT115T, 5107J14

107C25 Replaces TXT125T, 5107J25

115D14 Replaces TXT215T, 5115J14

115D25 Replaces TXT225T, 5115J25

203E14 Replaces TXT315T, 5203J14

203E25 Replaces TXT325T, 5203J25

207F14 Replaces TXT415T, 5207J14

207F25 Replaces TXT425T, 5207J25

215G14 Replaces TXT515T, 5215J14

215G25 Replaces TXT525T, 5215J25

307H14 Replaces TXT615T, 5307J14

307H25 Replaces TXT625T, 5307J25

315J14 Replaces TXT715T, 5315J14

315J25 Replaces TXT725T, 5315J25

407S14 Replaces TXT815T, 5407J14

407S25 Replaces TXT825T, 540725

HSM® Shaft Mounted Reducer